All variable-related actions for different datatypes
GetIntegerPart Returns the integral digits of a numeric value
Variables.GetIntegerPart Number:  Result=> Result
GetDecimalPart Returns the fractional digits of a numeric value
Variables.GetDecimalPart Number:  Result=> Result
RoundNumber Rounds up a numeric value to a specified number of decimal places
Variables.RoundNumber Number:  DecimalPlaces:3 Result=> Result
RandomNumber Generates a random number that falls between a minimum and maximum value
Variables.RandomNumber MinimumValue:0 MaximumValue:100 RandomNumber=> RandomNumber
ListOfRandomNumbers Generates a list of random numbers that fall between a minimum and maximum value
Variables.ListOfRandomNumbers MinimumValue:0 MaximumValue:100 NumbersCount:10 AllowDuplicates:False RandomNumbers=> RandomNumbers
ClearList Removes all items from a List
Variables.ClearList List:  ClearedList=> ClearedList
RemoveItemFromList Removes an item at a specified index from a list
Variables.RemoveItemFromList ItemIndex:  List:  NewList=> NewList
SortList Sorts the items of a list. The items on the list must be of the same type
Variables.SortList List:  SortedList=> SortedList
ShuffleList Creates a random permutation of a list
Variables.ShuffleList List:  ShuffledList=> ShuffledList
MergeLists Merges two lists into one
Variables.MergeLists FirstList:  SecondList:  OutputList=> OutputList
ReverseList Reverses the order of the items of a list
Variables.ReverseList List:  ReversedList=> ReversedList
RemoveDuplicateItemsFromList Removes the multiple occurrences of items in a list so that in the resulting list each item will be unique
Variables.RemoveDuplicateItemsFromList List:  IgnoreCase:False NewList=> NewList
FindCommonListItems Compares two lists and creates a new list with the items that are common to both
Variables.FindCommonListItems FirstList:  SecondList:  OutputList=> IntersectionList
SubtractLists Compares two lists and creates a new list with the items that are in the first list but not in the second
Variables.SubtractLists FirstList:  SecondList:  OutputList=> ListDifference
RetrieveDataTableColumnIntoList Converts the contents of a DataTable column into a list
Variables.RetrieveDataTableColumnIntoList DataTable:  ColumnNameOrIndex:  ColumnAsList=> ColumnAsList
ConvertJsonToCustomObject Converts a JSON string to a custom object
Variables.ConvertJsonToCustomObject Json:  CustomObject=> JsonAsCustomObject
ConvertCustomObjectToJson Converts a custom object to a JSON string
Variables.ConvertCustomObjectToJson CustomObject:  Json=> CustomObjectAsJson