Connect to Amazon Web Services and automate a variety of tasks


Connect to Amazon EC2 and manage Instances, EBS Volumes and EBS Snapshots

CreateEc2SessionWithAccessKeys Creates an AWS EC2 client using access keys
AWS.EC2.CreateEc2SessionWithAccessKeys AccessKeyId:  Secret:  RegionEndpoint:  Ec2Client=> Ec2Client
CreateEc2SessionWithProfile Creates an AWS EC2 client using a profile
AWS.EC2.CreateEc2SessionWithProfile ProfileName:'default' ProfileLocation:'' Ec2Client=> Ec2Client
EndEC2Session Disposes an open EC2 client
AWS.EC2.EndEC2Session Ec2Client: 


Create, attach, detach or delete an EBS Volume and get related information

CreateVolume Creates an EBS volume to attach to an instance in the same Availability Zone
AWS.EC2.Volumes.CreateVolume Ec2Client:  Name:'' Purpose:'' AvailabilityZone:  Size:  Encrypted:False VolumeType:AWS.VolumeType.Gp2 Volume=> Volume
CreateVolumeFromSnapshot Creates an EBS volume from an EBS snapshot
AWS.EC2.Volumes.CreateVolumeFromSnapshot Ec2Client:  Name:'' Purpose:'' AvailabilityZone:  SnapshotId:  SnapshotSize:'' Encrypted:False VolumeType:AWS.VolumeType.Gp2 Volume=> Volume
AttachVolume Attaches an EBS volume to an EC2 instance
AWS.EC2.Volumes.AttachVolume Ec2Client:  VolumeId:  InstanceId:  Device: 
DetachVolume Detaches an EBS volume from an EC2 instance
AWS.EC2.Volumes.DetachVolume Ec2Client:  VolumeId:  InstanceId:'' Device:'' Force:False
DescribeVolumes Describes the specified EBS volumes
AWS.EC2.Volumes.DescribeVolumes Ec2Client:  VolumeIds:'' InstanceId:'' Volumes=> EBSVolumes
DeleteVolume Deletes the specified EBS volume
AWS.EC2.Volumes.DeleteVolume Ec2Client:  VolumeId: 


Start, stop, reboot and get information for an EC2 Instance

StartEC2Instance Starts EC2 instance(s)
AWS.EC2.Instances.StartEC2Instance Ec2Client:  InstanceIds:  StartingEc2Instances=> StartingEc2Instances
StopEC2Instance Stops EC2 instance(s)
AWS.EC2.Instances.StopEC2Instance Ec2Client:  InstanceIds:  Force:False Hibernate:False StoppingEc2Instances=> StoppingEc2Instances
RebootEC2Instance Reboots EC2 instance(s)
AWS.EC2.Instances.RebootEC2Instance Ec2Client:  InstanceIds: 
GetAvailableEC2Instances Gets information for the relevant EC2 instances
AWS.EC2.Instances.GetAvailableEC2Instances Ec2Client:  AvailabilityZone:'' InstanceState:AWS.InstanceState.All Ec2InstancesInfo=> Ec2InstancesInfo
DescribeEC2Instance Returns all the information for the specified EC2 instance(s)
AWS.EC2.Instances.DescribeEC2Instance Ec2Client:  InstanceIds:'' AvailabilityZone:'' InstanceState:AWS.InstanceState.All Ec2Instances=> Ec2Instances


Create or delete an EBS Snapshot and get related information

CreateSnapshot Creates a snapshot of an EBS volume and stores it in Amazon S3
AWS.EC2.Snapshots.CreateSnapshot Ec2Client:  VolumeId:  Name:'' Description:'' Purpose:'' Snapshot=> Snapshot
DescribeSnapshots Describes the specified EBS snapshots available
AWS.EC2.Snapshots.DescribeSnapshots Ec2Client:  SnapshotIds:'' OwnerIds:'' RestorableByUserIds:'' Snapshots=> EBSSnapshots
DeleteSnapshot Deletes the specified snapshot
AWS.EC2.Snapshots.DeleteSnapshot Ec2Client:  SnapshotId: