Connect to Ancora, upload documents and get the results
Connect Connects to an Ancora account
Ancora.Connect Username:  Password:  BaseUrl:  AncoraClient=> AncoraClient
GetBatchTypes Returns all available batch types
Ancora.GetBatchTypes AncoraClient:  AvailableBatchTypes=> AvailableBatchTypes
UploadDocument Uploads document(s) to Ancora for analysis
Ancora.UploadDocument AncoraClient:  BatchName:  BatchTypeId:  DefaultDocumentType:'' Description:'' FileName:  FilePath:  Metadata:'' Priority:0 UploadedBatchId=> UploadedBatchId
IsBatchStateSuccessful Check whether the state of the batch is successful
Ancora.IsBatchStateSuccessful AncoraClient:  BatchId: 
GetCapturedData Retrieves the exported data from Ancora
Ancora.GetCapturedData AncoraClient:  BatchId:  Response=> DocumentsData
GetCapturedDataAndExportDocument Retrieves the exported data from Ancora and exports it to a file
Ancora.GetCapturedDataAndExportDocument AncoraClient:  BatchId:  ExportFilePath:  Response=> DocumentsData