Installing Robin

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Robin can be downloaded from the link below.

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During the Robin Installation, the Robin Language is installed to the machine along with the Robin Editor, UISpy, the Robin CLI and the SDK.

The Robin Editor

Installing Robin, the Robin Editor is installed as well. This is the main tool for developing and testing automations.

It contains a code editor that offers syntax highlighting, error indications and auto-complete.

Using the Robin Editor, you can develop your automations, check if there are any syntax errors as well as run them.

On the top section, there is the option to Run, Stop and Check the automation. On the lower section, you can find the output pane on which all the errors and console output appear.

At the top of the screen, there is a menu with standard file and edit operations as well as the options to Run, Stop and Check the automation that are also available on the toolbar.

The Robin UISpy

Apart from the Robin Editor, the UISpy is installed as well.

The UISpy tool is the editor for AppMasks. Using the UISpy, Appmasks can be edited as well as generated.

At the top section of the UISpy, the options to add new screens and controls can be found. There are also the fields to set the Application name along with the AppMask version.

Hovering over each of the Screens or Controls, there are three options available. These are: edit, rename or delete the screens and controls respectively. At the right hand side of the UISpy, a screenshot of the Screen or Control at the time of the capture appears.

The Robin CLI

Robin’s Command Line Interface is also included in the installation.

You can invoke Robin from the command prompt by simply typing “robin”.

It’s offered in order to be able to run and check automations through the command line.

It offers commands for running and checking an automation file using the Robin’s Commands: Run and Check.

robin check "C:\Users\user\Desktop\Automation.robin"
robin run "C:\Users\user\Desktop\Automation.robin"

The argument for both commands is the filepath to the robin automation that needs to be run or checked.

It also provides help available via the –help or -h switches.

Robin CLI, also offers the option to get the errors in a list format showing the coordinates of the error.