Get Folders of 6 Days Old

This Process gets all the subfolders in a folder, which are at least 6 days old.

Folder.GetSpecialFolder SpecialFolder:Folder.SpecialFolder.DesktopDirectory \
                        SpecialFolderPath=> Desktop

Display.SelectFolder Description:'Select the parent folder, whose subfolders you wish to check:' \
                    InitialDirectory:Desktop \
                    IsTopMost:False \
                    SelectedFolder=> SelectedFolder \
                    ButtonPressed=> ButtonPressed2

set Olderthan6days to []

DateTime.Current DateTimeFormat:DateTime.DateTimeFormat.DateAndTime \
Offset:'0' \
CurrentDateTime=> Now

Folder.GetSubfolders Folder: SelectedFolder  \
                    FolderFilter:'*' \
                    IncludeSubfolders:False \
                    FailOnAccessDenied:True \
                    SortBy1:Folder.SortBy.NoSort \
                    SortDescending1:False \
                    SortBy2:Folder.SortBy.NoSort \
                    SortDescending2:False \
                    SortBy3:Folder.SortBy.NoSort \
                    SortDescending3:False \
                    Subfolders=> Folders

loop foreach item in Folders
#Just subtract the current date with the folder's creation date and you are done!

    DateTime.Subtract FromDate:Now  \
                    SubstractDate:item.CreationTime  \
                    TimeUnit:DateTime.DifferenceTimeUnit.Days \
                    TimeDifference=> TimeDifference
    #Based on the Difference from the action above, you can add the folder to the list or not...

    if TimeDifference >= 90 then

        set Olderthan6days to



Display.ShowMessage Title:'The folders which are 6 days old and more are:' \
                    Message:Olderthan6days \
                    Icon:Display.Icon.None \
                    Buttons:Display.Buttons.OK \
                    DefaultButton:Display.DefaultButton.Button1 \
                    IsTopMost:False \
                    ButtonPressed=> ButtonPressed